Thoughts from a new member…

by Owen McAleer

Joey and Clare

Joey and Clare

I sheepishly emailed the Southside Players in mid-September enquiring whether they would be looking for any new members. I received a friendly and encouraging response asking me to come along to watch a rehearsal of the, then upcoming production of ‘Calendar Girls’. I was welcomed with open arms and treated to a behind the scenes taster of how this dynamic and diverse group tackle a rehearsal! Ideas were swapped and roles were adapted and changed, it was really interesting – I also enjoyed the somewhat mandatory glass of wine in the pub after a Sunday rehearsal!

Needless to say, I wanted in! Especially so after seeing the full, professional and delightfully entertaining performance of ‘Calendar Girls’!

The day of my audition finally came – three friendly faces smiled up at me as I took to the abandoned ‘Calendar Girls’ stage. It was nerve-wracking, exciting and absolutely brilliant to have an audience, albeit a small audience!

Afterwards, I thought to myself; …’even if I don’t get a part I still want to get involved, they are a great bunch of people and it would be fantastic to contribute my time and efforts to something that can produce such a great production!’

As new member of Southside, I have been extremely lucky to secure a part in the upcoming production of ‘Road’ by Jim Cartwright and throughout the rehearsals and social events have never looked back!

– Owen will be playing the parts of Joey and the Soldier in Road, performed at the Chestnut Grove School Theatre, February 20th-23rd 2013.