All My Sons – George writes home from the war

25 July 1944

US Convalescent Hospital #221, France


Dear Mother and Annie,

How are you both? I hope you are doing well. I am sorry I haven’t been there to help you through everything that has been going on. Since being here in the hospital I have been following everything a lot better as they actually have US newspapers. I’m so glad you are both there to help each other through this tough time. I just can’t believe it.

I know the move to New York must have been difficult but it was the only thing to do. We couldn’t have stayed back in Ohio. Not after what happened. What is the new place like? I guess it will be a while till anywhere else feel like home but the big city must be pretty exciting.

Annie, look after yourself. It’s a different world in New York. Well I guess the whole world is different now. Everything has changed so much.

I am healing well and have been keeping myself busy, stuck here in the hospital. I have been talking to some of the Doctors about studying again. I am thinking about going in to Law. After everything that has happened both here and at home these last few years I think we could do with some order and stability. I want to do something to make a difference, to help people. Too many people have gotten hurt. Even though I won’t be here for too much longer it is something that I can pick up again when I am back home.

I still can’t say when that will be. It won’t be long now till I can get out of the hospital and back to my unit, but after that who knows. There is talk about moving on but nobody knows where yet, or they’re not aloud to say.

Love to you both, I miss you and will write again soon,

Be home soon,