All My Sons – Frank’s diary

Larry's ChartFrank’s diary
August 1947

Exciting things are in store this month! Someone from the past will return into my life. That person will be bearing news from the past. Look out for signs linked to people close to me.

The Moon rising in Jupiter indicates success in learning. Maybe Frank Jr will do better in his grades this semester. And Mercury indicates a gift that I can provide for someone who needs it.

The colour green is important. Perhaps something to do with nature or the outdoors? There are signs that information will be revealed in the near future. Some may already know more than they are saying.

There are some signs that we could be seeing financial gains in the near future. Perhaps the fact that my favourable day falls on a Sunday this year will help. There is work that needs doing to the house but things are a little tough right now.

Gotta go now, Lydia is calling. Will look at my chart again tonight to see what else is in store.

Things to do:

1. Work on horoscope for Kate
2. Fix the toaster
3. Fix the swing in the yard for the kids