All My Sons – Mother’s diary

MotherAugust  13th, 1947

Chris finally broke the news today that he wanted to invite Anne Deever to visit. I knew he was up to something. He has been so secretive and distracted lately. Why does he want her to come? More to the point why does she even want to come? Even if I said no I think he would still bring her here.

Well, I suppose it must be so hard for her waiting all this time for Larry and not even knowing where he is. And it is his birthday this month so perhaps it will help her to be here with his family and to see her old home again. Although it may also give rise to very bad memories for her. She has been away for so long she will see quite a few changes round here.

I don’t understand these young people though. I don’t know how their minds work any more.

Joe thinks it is a great idea of course. He isn’t the one doing all the organising and catering. I had better make sure the bed is properly aired and I could get a nice ham from the butcher – that should see us through.

Best let Lydia and Frank know she is coming too although I expect Chris has already told them. When I think of how all those kids used to play and run around together when they were young. We never thought we would end up like this. Lydia was so sweet on Ann’s brother George.I wonder how he is getting on. He was always such a nice boy  and so clever.

That dreadful war ruined so many lives with all the young boys dying and going missing or coming back so changed. I must speak to Frank and check how he is getting on with the horoscope for Larry. If he can find out about the day when Larry went missing and see what the stars held for him that day it will just go to show Joe and Chris that Larry is still out there somewhere. That Frank is so clever with his astrology.

Ah well it is 3 a.m. Another sleepless night and I have so much to do tomorrow. The weather seems to be on the turn. Wouldn’t be surprised if we get some storms soon.

We’ll wait and see.