The Ashgirl

The Ash Girl

The Ash Girl, Timberlake Wertenbaker’s lyrical and knowing version of the Cinderella fable.

Abandoned by her father to the tender mercies of her stepmother and two sisters, Ash Girl seeks sanctuary in the cold grey ashes of the fireplace. When an invitation to the Prince’s ball arrives – and with the help of a few friends – she finds the courage to step out of the fireplace and fulfil her destiny.

But beware the woods Ash Girl – they are inhabited by the Seven Deadly Sins in animal form!

The Ash Girl is a fascinating twist on the Cinderella story that explores the emotions of all the characters involved. The Guardian described praised it as ‘A mix of C S Lewis and Sondheim’s ‘Into the Woods’: an eclectic fairy-tale anthology.’

‘As lyrical and thought-provoking as you would expect from the award-winning playwright.’ (Independent on Sunday).