Let’s get the party started by Helen Jaggers Director of Road

When I picked up the script for Road I feel in love with its dynamic, gripping and heartfelt characters, the smutty content and extreme language. All these together were what made me want to direct it! Having sat on this for over a year I am finally pleased to say I have a cast. This is my directorial debut for Southside and in general, having always been on stage, I am happy and excited to be on the other side. Nevertheless, I don’t do things by half and this play is ambitious like myself.


Two weeks ago I was numb with fear that I would not find the right cast and let myself, Jim Cartwright and Southside down. However, a wonderful supportive audition panel and talented auditionees soon calmed my nerves and having heard my cast read through this text for the first time I am so excited- so much so that I cannot stand still in rehearsals. There are still aspects that scare me and fill my dreams at night; the potential lack of time, handling a large cast and doing justice to the script. Nonetheless, I believe that the strength of my cast and the rock that is my producer will enable us to perform an outstanding show- I like a challenge!


So now begins the process! Expect strong language and adult content, on and off stage as the cast of Road take to rehearsal and the party that will be the next three months, after all what good party doesn’t include fun, laughter, fights and tears, oh and don’t forget the alcohol!