William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead – Rehearsal photos

Rehearsals for William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead are well underway and we thought we’d share some photos of the cast practising the all-action fight scenes.

For tickets, click here.

10253901_1027163320649271_5144154024457380783_n It all starts off peacefully…

11990397_1027163590649244_4147938310836502200_n Robert Cecil goes in for the kill.

11993277_1027163707315899_6598685457898943831_n Director Steve during a break in the action.

12002220_1027163540649249_4434549635931242613_n Young Rice puts a zombie in his place.

12006093_1027163717315898_2671812231856925291_nWho’s next for breakfast?

12003137_1027163367315933_14354634515177756_n Soldier 2 goes on the rampage.

12019836_1027163573982579_3493993525181182619_nSir Francis Bacon shows off his swordplay.

And if you haven’t seen the rehearsal video, you can watch it here.

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