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Rehearsed Reading – The Brylcreem Boys

On the night of the 30th to 31st March 1944, RAF Bomber Command launched a routine ‘maximum effort’ raid on the city of Nuremberg. The raid went badly wrong for Bomber Command. Bomber Command suffered its heaviest losses of the war, 545 men of Bomber Command were killed that night, men from a wide range of countries.

This was an unreal war where men would be over Germany at night, fighting for their lives, and yet be in the English countryside by day. Many of those that made it back were both physically and mentally scarred.

The Brylcreem Boys was written originally for television, as a TV studio-based play in 1979, based on the experiences of the author’s father in a RAF hospital during World War 2. Set in the ward of Peacehaven Hospital where the crew of an RAF bomber are recovering, and into which one night in 1944 they are joined by George who quickly realises they are there for a very different reason to him as they re-enact their experiences.

A Rehearsed Reading performance on Friday 24 April, at The Arnold Centre La Retraite School (use main entrance on Atkins Road) at 7.45pm, Bar opens 7pm. Tickets on the door members £3 non-members £5.

Watch the pre-show youtube taster here

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