The Misanthrope by Molière – Cast breakdown

The Misanthrope by Molière (Adapted by Martin Crimp)

Cast breakdown

ALCESTE               Early to Late 30s – A playwright – A very angry man!

JOHN                     Mid to Late 30s – Alceste’s friend – A very calm, single man!

COVINGTON      Late 30s to Late 40s – A critic – A very sensitive man!

JENNIFER             22 years old – A movie star – A very opinionated woman!

ELLEN                    Early 20s to Late 40s – A journalist – A very reflective woman!

MARCIA               Early 40s to Early 50s – A teacher of acting – A very bitter woman!

JULIAN                 Early to Mid 20s – An actor – A very confident man!

ALEXANDER        Early to Late 40s – An agent – A very smooth man!

MESSENGER       Early 20s to Late 40s – A motorbike messenger – A very leather-clade man!

SIMON                 Any age – A musician and servant – A very French man!

Auditions Sunday 3 November from 3pm

Director: Emma Burford on

(Please note Emma is away overseas until 26 October)