Time And The Conways

Southside’s February 2017 production was Time and the Conways by J. B. Priestley.

The year is 1919, and Kay Conway is celebrating her 21st birthday with a party. She and the rest of her family are eagerly anticipating their futures, after the war, and all have high expectations of what they will become.

Nineteen years later, they are  reunited in the family home in very different circumstances, to see what becomes of their pre-war plans and aspirations.

Returning to the same party of 1919,  it becomes clear how they were all, unconsciously, shaping their individual and collective futures.

Through the lens of time, JB Priestley’s family drama explores the social and political history of England between the wars, and the class – ridden nature of society at the time. It contemplates the relationship between the past, present and future, and reflects on how people can unwittingly destroy themselves and others.

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